When you need a friend...♥


If you were raped, it’s not your fault.
If you were abused, it’s not your fault.
If you were hurt or harassed or bullied, it’s not your fault.
Friendly reminder that the horrible things people do to you doesn’t define you, and you are amazing and beautiful no matter what they did to you. You’re still here. And you can still exist. Even though what they did was horrible. You’re here. And you can get through the pain.



You are beautiful.
You are important.
You are special.
You are amazing.
You make this world a better place just by existing.
I love you. 💖

Every note this gets I’ll push back my suicide date by a day


I know this isn’t exactly original… But I just want to see if anybody even cares, cuz it seems like nobody does :(((( if this gets no notes within an hour I’m just going to kill myself. I’m so done with everything.

Stay strong sweetie Xx don’t ever give up!